Abstract submission


Abstract submission

The abstract submission is now closed (deadline was 11 December 2017). Almost 900 abstracts for parallel talks or posters were submitted.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts addressing the scientific topics of the Quark Matter 2018 conference. A submission category (or Track) can be selected during abstract submission. Post-deadline abstracts will not be accepted. The submission of multiple abstracts from the same author is discouraged (except in the case of centralised submissions by experimental collaborations). The decisions on abstract acceptance will be communicated by 20 January. Note that all speakers and poster presenters will have to be regularly registered to the conference.

Submission procedure:

The abstract submission process is managed by the INDICO server hosted by CERN. To submit an abstract and for all further follow-up actions a valid CERN account is needed. If you don’t have a CERN account, you can create a lightweight one here:

Abstracts can be submitted using this page, after CERN account login. The instructions can be visualised from the submission form and are listed at the bottom of this page for completeness.

Abstract submission tracks:
  1. QCD at high temperature
  2. Thermodynamics and hadron chemistry
  3. Initial state physics and approach to equilibrium
  4. Correlations and fluctuations
  5. Collective dynamics
  6. Chirality, vorticity and polarisation effects
  7. Jet modifications and high-pT hadrons
  8. Open heavy flavour
  9. Quarkonia
  10. Electromagnetic and weak probes
  11. Phase diagram and search for the critical point
  12. High baryon density and astrophysics
  13. Collectivity in small systems
  14. New theoretical developments
  15. Future facilities, upgrades and instrumentation
Submission instructions:

The abstract length should not exceed 2000 characters (spaces included). Markdown and LaTeX notation can be used. It is mandatory to select the preferred presentation type (“Parallel Talk” or “Poster”) and the most appropriate scientific Track (submission category). We recommend to indicate the name of the Experiment in the abstract title, if appropriate.

Fill in the form with the following fields:

  • Abstract title
  • Abstract content (max 2000 characters, including spaces)
  • Select the preferred contribution type (“Parallel Talk” or “Poster”)
  • Add the primary authors (preferably only one)
  • Click on the “search” button to search authors among Indico users
  • Click on the “enter manually” button to enter author information manually
  • Specify which of the authors will be the speaker
  • You can define the speaker by selecting/deselecting the “speaker” flag
  • There are several “control buttons” in the same row of the author name, on the right
  • Authors can be deleted and roles modified by using “the control buttons”
  • Check carefully the authors and modify their roles appropriately
  • In case of centralised submission, specify it in the dedicated field
  • Select the appropriate scientific Track (submission category)
  • Select the appropriate content type (theory or experiment)
  • Specify the name of the Collaboration, if the abstract is on behalf of a Collaboration
  • In case of Collaboration centralised submission, indicate whether the speaker name is the final one or will have to be updated
  • Click on the “submit” button and the process is complete
  • You will receive an email notification to confirm your abstract submission